Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Creativity has great influence on child's thinking......

The preschool aged children has great impact of creativity on their mind. This age group children will see things and try to do a like they may even draw a line but for them it is more than creating world. They have rich creative imagination which further explores to expressions and leads to experiences. Child don't require any source from outside which can give them specific topic, they them self imagine their topic and make it creative. This is a team work of imagination and creation! But topic will not come from air, a child has to see some things in their field of vision to be worked as a topic.They develop Imagination through the things they see, nearby ambiance. The environment plays major role is child's imagination and creativity.
So what is the part of teacher,parents, caretaker, can play in the process? Are there things as an parent or teacher we can do to enrich situation and grace a child's imagination. Yes there are many things you can do to make environment child friendly.
1) Make child sit in environment which is not overdoing things, don't make him see many sides at time. Let him concentrate on one or two things. Eg. you are doing something and music is on. so when child's these two activities he will visualizes something and start doing. but if he is confused with many activities at one time he will sit quietly. so make him observe few things.

2)Value his creation will also increase his thinking. Girls will take part more in coloring, dressing etc where as boys will be more interested in playing with blocks, cycles etc. So whatever they do take picture and create a artwork collage and put it in front of you or at common place this will make them feel that there work is equally important for you and they will be more inspired to do further.

3) Explore nature along with them. Take them out and let them free. The things which they picked up collect them and after coming home sit with them and help them to glue it on paper. make an art work from the collected thing. This will teach them to see in more directions of nature and how to use things from nature in creative way. Enjoy the process with child.

4) Making them listen and read is very important. Read many stories in front of them or make your own story to make it interesting. While talking move your voice like a baby and be as silly as you can. Have funny sounds, dance on music with them. have fun of baby songs and rhymes along with dance and singing baby way etc. They will be more interested to listen.

5) Sometimes allow him his way. leave him the way he is doing, its not compulsory to be all time with them as they will get habited to see you for every small help. So even if he is not doing anything still leave him his own way. let him find way for himself to be busy. Every-time if you will programme or plan his day he will become more dependent for every work. So even let him be alone sometime.

This way through observing, valuing and exploring, will lead his imagination to think more creative way. speaking,Reading and listening are the base of knowledge. The things you hear, things you see, things you speak leads to imagination. So your intelligences and sensorial activities are working together, which creates curiosity to know things and leads a child to imagine. As imagination starts creation will follow!!


Alphabet tree


Light color paper A4 size
Brown color paper


- Place light color paper down.
- take brown paper and draw trunk of tree as long as you want and also draw branches on the same paper.
- Now cut the design drawn.
-Stick the branches and a trunk on light coloured A4 paper with the glue, as shown in image above.
-Draw lines on trunk with dark brown or black color
-Glue the alphabets on the branches as shown above.
-Decorate the rest of page as you like may be like garden or showing water and giving effect of beach. your choice.


Monday, 22 November 2010

Alphabet soup

3 different color chat paper
Alphabets ( stickers or cereals kind)

- Take one paper of darker color and cut a round shape according to your choice of size
- Take lighter color paper and cut one more round but half inch smaller to the circle already cut.
- Now glue both the circle keeping biger one down and smaller one up.
- Take the third colour paper and trace a spoon on it, Cut the shape traced and stick it on top of the circle.
-Now stick these kinds of letters on the smaller circle or put alpdabet stickers of lighter colour to look like a soup.

The kids alphabet soup is ready!

( picture taken from web images.)

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Kids Color Stand


Rectangle box
Plain color full Paper
Whole puncher
Black sketch pen

-Take a rectangle box.
-Now makes wholes for color to stand. make holes on top of the box.
- color the box with flower and prints.
-cut a long strip of color paper and glue it on the top sides of the box.
-Write message with black pen on the box.
Color stand holder is ready to use.

Creating Pop up greeting card

pop up in greeting cards

A4 size thick color paper
Cartoon of your choice
Color pencils 

-Fold  A4 size color paper in half. now put two slits on fold line goin 1/2 inch of right side of fold and going 1/2 inch on left side of fold. So total (1)inch of slits on fold line. slit must me horizontal.
- after making two slits up and down horizontally unfold the paper and push the cut section in toward the center. You will see a step like coming inside the card. 
- Now draw, cut paste cartoons or anything you wanted to pop up and glue it on the front side of the step.
Card is ready.

Now when you will fold the card you will see the slit so make a decorative cover page and stick it on the front of card.

Thank you!

(taken picture from web image to give clarity of explanation)

Thumb print butterflies


White paper
Black sketch pen


-place white paper firmly down lying straight.
-now put color on thumb of child and tel him to press so his thumb impression will take a mark on the paper. Do as many prints as you want.
- now take black pen and draw wings an eyes.
Further decorate as you want.

Creative Caterpillar

Paper caterpillar


Chart paper
Glue or glue spray
Black sketch pen
Base paper of different color than chart paper
2 eyes ( can get at a place where soft toys making materials are available)


- put the base thick paper down on floor surface.
- now cut a long rectangle piece from chart paper and turn it round for face and stick the ends.
- Again cut long rectangle piece for body of caterpillar, sick one end to the rolled paper.
- Now lift paper little and glue there again lift and glue again lift and glue. This way you will get a wavy body as required.
- now punch two holes and add a flexible wire, glue the two eyes on front side of rolled paper and add a smile below the eyes using sketch pen.

caterpillar is ready.

Preschool- Great fun!


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